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London Weight Management

Name: London
Tag Line: Weight Management

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1. Overall Weight Gain

2. Postnatal Weight Gain

3. Bulging Tummy

4. Flabby Arms

5 Bulky "Thunder" Thighs

6. Sagging Buttocks

7. Cellulite

8. Water Retention / Toxins


1. Mahkota Parade, Melaka

2. Bukit Mertajam, Penang

3. Mines Shopping Centre

4. The Curve

5. Lot 10

6. Klang Parade

7. Subang Parade

8. Mid Valley A

9. MId Valley B

10. Pelangi Plaza, JB

11. Gurney Plazaq, Penang

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Anonymous said...

I first saw the ad in the paper and sms London Weight Management for a free trial session.I was called for a session on 15 Apr 2008. The consultation hour was so long almost 1.5hrs as the London Weight Management(LWM) consultant - Krissy was pushing me so hard to sign up. I wanted to experience the free trial first then consider to sign up or not. But she never gave me a chance at all. She told many things bad in my body. But I'm 55kg at 1.65m height.

So weight wasn't the problem. She said I have toxins a lot, cellulite, etc. I couldn't take her push so finally agreed to sign up 5 sessions for RM2k. She was trying to sell the 10 sessions for RM4K! Finally I went for the session. Steam - scrub - hot blanket - fat breaking machine. Lost 0.4kg which is definitely water.

Then she came back and push and push and push and made me cancel the 5 session package and sign up for the 10 sessions for RM4k. I do not know how did I ever fell for that. But I definitely can't stand her push and also she was also wasting my time because I had to rush somewhere and did not let me go out of the place. Once I came back home, I started to surf and saw the complaints against them. How true. How I wished I had done some research first.

I called them the first thing in the morning next day (16/04/08). Krissy is away and the staff said she will ask Krissy to return my call. But she never did. I called the credit card bank, CIMB to stop payment but the bank said I have to cancel with LWM and they have to reimburse the bank. But according to CIMB no hassle and can be reimbursed.

My fiance was extremely mad at me for wasting hard earned money on this. As this is a scam especially me not an overweight person. Also because we need the money for our wedding soon. I called LWM Subang Parade again on 17/04/08 and they kept telling Krissy is busy. I said this urgent and I must speak to her. So she called me back. I said I want to cancel the whole thing.
She said cannot and that payment have been made. I told her I checked with the bank and the bank said no problem. So she said she'll discuss with her Manager and get back to me. She did call me back. She said cannot cancel all. But when I questioned her why force me to sign up 10 sessions when I wanted to try 5 only. She said okay, can take 5 sessions but they will only reimburse 30% for the remaining sessions paid. Initially I signed up for 5 sessions - RM2k for Maybank 12 months installment.

Then after forcing me to sign up for 10 sessions she cancelled that and signed me up for 10 sessions - RM4k with CIMB credit card 20 months installment. That cancellation process so easy. Because they add up the amount. But when asked to cancel and reimburse the bank they said they cannot do that. It is ridiculous. I haven't even start any session there. So why can't I cancel? She said they never had like this cases before. I told her not to lie because I saw many complaints against LWM on the websites. She then told me to come for my 1st session which is scheduled for 23 Apr 08. She will then arrange for her Manager to speak to me. Pls help me. I want my RM4k back. I do not want to start any sessions with LWM and will return whatever they gave as free gift (2 x London coffee) & pouch. What shall I do? Pls advice. Thank you. I want all my money back. I don't want to go for any sessions there. Pls let me know what to do next ASAP.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i would like to share my experience bout london here.i went to london weight management (midvalley) before & i totally regretted!! initailly i had not intention to go london (coz i don't have confident with london) but i was dragged inside by the worker bout a FREE trial (so stupid of me).as we went there together, my FH waited for me in the front desk while the lady take me to a consultation room.then a consultant came & sweet-talk & talk & talk until i oso feel i need 2 lose weight.( endurance) but the price was really killing me.after some negotiation, she agreed to let me just take half of the package (full is 10 treatments, that means i only get 5).

i was a student & she told me that i can get student price.she told me, the package was about RM3200, but because i'm still a student, i can get benefit from the price.(which i get cheated!!) so all i need to pay was RM1800 for 5 treatments. moreover she also stated that they only accept 3students in a month for the student price thing & i was already the 2nd student. (lagi stupid of me for believing her!) so without any doubt i signed up for the so-called 'student price-package' .

after swiped my card, i walked out 2 find my FH.i dare not tell him that i signed up the package coz he doens't encourage me 2 lose weight from the beginning. while walking back to the shopping mall (mdvalley) my FH told me that whilst he was waiting for me in the front desk counter, a plump aunty (bout 40+) came in & ask for the price for slimming. a lady asked her budget, so the aunty say around RM2000. then the lady directly promote to the aunty bout the RM1800-5treatments package (which i signed up for!!).i feel so cheated & wanna kick that consultant !! that's a lie bout the student price thing!!!then the aunty told the lady she need 2 survey around 1st then walk out.

my FH was nagging bout how stupid if the aunty really sign up for the not-worth slimming price.he say "only 5 treatments needs rm1.8k r??it's so ridiculous". finally i surrender & told my FH that i already get cheated & signed up for the package. he was shocked & say nothing, jz give me a pure black face. *haih* i know i'm so stupid to believe the lier-consultant! what to do?already sign up, cannot cancel ady...

during the 1st time, the consultant was very friendly & talk alot.before waving goodbye, she wil confirm again my next appointment.but..after the 2nd treatment, she "choi lei tou sor" (cantonese). didn't confirm the next appointment, don't care u got go or not, either u wana come or not, up to u la..i was absent for the 3rd appoinment coz i was sick. she din even phone me to ask why am i absent or is there anything wrong..damn her!!i went for the 3rd appointment after 2weeks & when i saw her, she say she was supprised & long time no see.then she attended a new lady to follow up my treatments & then she disappear.wah, u should understand how "hot" i am with this kind of attitude!finally after finished my 5th treatment, i realised that my weight didn't get down at all.that's why i'm so furious bout this london!i went there with 55kg, came out also 55kg.

so i would like to advice all of u here to make sure do some survey before signing up any slimming program & don't get cheated like my case..(& bcoz of that i lost all my study money..sad

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your experience. Actually all these students packaage, offer will last this month, limited offer, you are the number so and so in this offer, etc are all a bluff. They just want to make you feel that this is a superb package and if you don't sign up now, you will never get so good bargain again in the future. As consumer, we must really know what we need and the value for money.

Anonymous said...

yalo..that time still immature..jz wanna lose weight & easily manipulated by sweet words..oh forget to mention, the consultant name is jasmine ang..if any1 go for london, don't ever look for this consultant.she wil cekik ur wallet.
oh ya, forget to tell oso.after the 1st treatment, she forced me 2 buy supplemnts from london & i refused.those supplements not cheap ler..all about thousand-thousand 1..mayb bcoz i refused to buy, her attitude changed as well haha..hypocrite people!

Anonymous said...

yah, don't go there~~ i went there like 2 weeks ago in subang parade branch..
my god.. she's like dont want to let me go ..
i'm glad that i went with another of my friend.. but that time .. i told them, my friend waiting for me already, so let me go..i will go back and consider 1st ..
but after we left, my fren told me..that point of time, they don't let my fren to come in to find me in the consultation room..
very pushy..they will say everything to make you feel bad abt ur body.. then wil persuade/force u to take d package..
i told them, i got financial problem now.. will settle it this month then wil come back to you~
annoying fella.. so don't go london!!!

i'm planning to sign up in terimee.. seems not bad

Anonymous said...

yup!same tactic!
after keep on persuading me2 sign up, i told the fella i wanna discuss with my FH 1st since he was jz outside.but she keep on persisting me that it's my body & i'm the one who is in charge of it, & dun even let me step out from the room... lots of her philosophy la..that time really feel like kinda low-esteem coz she keeps on saying i'm plump & need 2 lose weight..*sigh*

yes, i said the same too..
told them need to discuss with my bf first.. then they said.. it's your can make the decision right?? make you really felt bad with your body.. this and that..
but.. u said u were only 55kgs, you are not fat at all.. just abit of flesh.. but stil in the correct range isn't that??

i am not convince by their 1st trial service they provide, dont think can loose ..
i mean the method they use..

i was convince to go to terimee... just paid booking only, haven't go try out yet!!

Anonymous said...

Im just went for my so called RM28 for 2times trial n free 1 set product session!!!Omg!! Really really dissappointed!!

Before this,i had try other trial session at other saloon or marie france.....But London is the worst that i ever met!!My situation is:
I am Mayfair customer for 3years. I am very satisfied with their service. So recently London have alot promo n advertisement at tv.So when I pass by their promo counter at tesco, the girl ask me to have a try.Since I see the price is quite reasonable, then i stop n listen to that girl. When then time I bought, I ask n make sure what will be the treatment n step will do on me, no hidden/additional charge,n all ampoules,mask n scrub included and they said is guaranteed result in each treatment if not will money back.Then I bought.

I called n make my appointment at 4pm at aeon bkt tinggi klang branch.I reach around 4.05pm.n confirm not later than 405pm.I tell the receptionist that my name.They said im late n already change my treatment time to 5pm and ask me go shopping 1st. I fight back that is only 5min late.N im already rush back from my office.and that is no 1 telling me that my appoiment will pospone if im late. My purpose is go for treatment only.But they still dun allow me go in.Im veli angry n think to go back.but since i see alot ppl waiting there so finally i decided waiting there n c what will they do. Within 1 hour, I see alot customer came out from treatment room n those consultant ask them sit down n wait. Some even wait more than half hour. We are customer, we late they said their time is gold.after treatment they just waste our time to sitting there for nothing(even dont serve single "drop" of water).

When reach 5pm.1 consultant(janice, a girl who will appear at tv show regarding London treatment within this week) ask me go inside a consultation room.Same as what u all said, she just say alot sweet words to ask me sign for the package even thought i told her i already got sign package at mayfair.When i refuse, she ask me buy the product, is cost around 1400.(Nonsense).is a london coffee.I told her i not drink coffee.Then she promote alot other thing to me.Finally i told her I need to get ppl sponsor me.Then she ask me to join the member 1st.Vip is RM800,normal mm is RM500.N must made the payment immediately.She will upgrade my treatment to a better treatment by doing steambath, apply ampoule,steambath,scrub,mask,hotblanket,bath,ampoule n 1 machine.n all this is not including in the RM28 trial 1.( getting cheat from the promoter). Then i told her that day the girl say no hidden charge no other add cost so i didnt bring tat much $$.SHe ask how much I bring, I just say around 100 den she ask me take all my 100 to her to pay as deposit for joining member.( Im so stupid n dunno why really give her.Assume i pay more for trial lar!!!) Meanwhile she say quite little,do i have any ATM card or credit card.I say no.

When go in to the treatment room, she asign another girl to follow up me.(whole treatment total got 3 or 4 ppl follow up,my body let every1 see with just wearing 1 g-string panty!!so "pai seh"!!!This thing never happen on other salon.) I do the steambath,ampoule,scrub,hot blanket n machine.the mask is missing.Im veli sure she had mention bout the mask becoz when in consultation room she said if u join member,ur body so fat i double up the mask for u!! I ask the girl why just now u said got mask now dont have.she say is me listen wrongly.she just say double ampoule n relax massage(also never happen on me).their treatment dont have mask 1. Im veli "hot" now but i tolerate n see what is the result u giving me!!

In the end of the treatment,same as other customer, when i came out from the treament room,ask me wait for the consultant.My treatment should be end at 7pm( if start at 4pm) but now already 825pm. I told the ppl there Im hurry, cant wait, my consultant just came out n said 2 words to me, when is ur 2nd visit n how many kg did u slim down??I said not at all!!She said is my body problem n turn back to treatment room. Im really got no extra time thus just sign the card n back.

after home think back, I really really not satisfied with them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well at london they are really using the pushing method!! About the London Coffee, girls please beware, they would "force" u to buy. at first they also mention 1k plus for dunno how many boxes but i keep refusing until they let me tried 1 box only for dunno 50-60. When I tried, I think the coffee do contain appetitie suppresant, coz the whole day u will not feel like eating, and suddenly feel so depressed.
On my next visit back, they ask me now is the coffee working on me, i told them what happened yet they deny everything, say it's me myself who doesn't feel like eating. Till the point I tell them off, I have taken appetite suppresant b4 n know how it works, n ur london coffee works just the same! there after they say nothing but divert my attention to somewhere else.

In conclusion, I did slim down when i go there, but who doesn't slim down going there every week once putting urself on the scale, being questioned what have u eaten or why have u been gaining weight or things like that! With all the pressure n stuff, u'll definately sim down. Some will even suggest u some meal plan for "detox" that's what they said, but these are ridiculous detox plan, like eating dunno how many egg like 8-9 eggs and nothing else can be consumed... if u do follow what they suggested, u'll slim down. but after the treatment.... u will definately gain back the weight even though u dun eat as much as previous. So GIRLS, if u wanted to go slimming centre, London Weight Management is definately not the one u shud go!

Anonymous said...

seems like i'm not the only 1 fell in the london trap..but girls, my advise is better be careful with all these slimming center..sometimes even though their promotions seems worthty, it's not that wat u really see/thought..dont fall & become their prey.survey 1st..better play safe in everything.

i have a frend who jz visited london(consultation only) few weeks ago, & they direct push my frend to buy their products (even she's not interested at all)..haih..since she had heard lots of negative thoughts bout london, she decided 2 jz sign up at terimee..(better than london)..

til now i stil cant get over london yet..still feel so geram + cheated everytime i see london's ad on npaper or tv!!

Anonymous said...

After that day, Once i see london advertisement i will change channel n if i know who got interest go slimming centre I will recommend them go to Mayfair. As Im signing package there for 3 years, never got the feeling that i have been cheated. All the workers there from manager to terapist are even receptionist are friendly and nice. Ofcoz, when doing treatment they have to recommend you some product or health food(we understood that this is their job),but they not like london force you to buy. they will let u consider and if u dont want they wont turn the face to black also.And sometime I even can pay by instalment.
U can see the result at london part of the reason is becoz before treatment they will ask u take the weight will all ur clothes.after doing steambath n hotblanket they will ask u take the weight again with just 1 towel. and at this time u at least will reduce 1 or 2kg which all or body water already reduce.Once u wear back all clothes n drink some water u will find out actually ur weight is either same as before or even gain up. Normally I will request those center that I want my "inches" lost more than my weight.coz reduce on weight most of the time is just reduce the water in ur body.
So gals, mayfair is a place that u can consider. Althought maybe some of you may not TAHAN the Pain like they got 1 machine call MDS to suck ur cellulite.I like it even thought is really pain!!but after the treatment I really can feel my tight n my tummy become more firm and got shape.
And doing Yoga is a best way to slim down also.and is more healthier and economic than all those slimming centre.

Anonymous said...

Hi Babyjab / others,

I am 1 of the LVM's victim. I have forwarded this issue to National Consume Complaint Centre(NCCC). We are now trying to gather more poeples who is also the victims of this scam. U can go to NCCC website or call their no. at 03-78779000/03-78748096.

Pls let me know if you need more info...




Anonymous said...


To any London Weight Management's Victim, good news for you all...

I can have my refund after undergo the correct process thru NCCC. But the problem here, they informed me will need to wait for 5-6 weeks to prepare the cheque which is RUBBISH EXCUSE for me!

I am now pushing them to settle it within 1 weeks...without any hassle or delay..

It is my right to get back my money...and I think they realized it..but try to delay it..

Trust not ever gp to this slimming centre..unless you are rich enough to be cheated!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Girls

I used to be London Weight Management Customer few years ago. Honestly i can share with u, this is the way they do their business. Before u enter this slimming centre to do any trial treatment / free treatment, u better be prepared becoz once u stepped inside this centre, u will SURE ended up by signing up with them (if not slimming session, they will also "force" u to buy their products!). So DO NOT STEP IN by thinking u just going there for trial. All their Consultants is earning their comissions from u if u signed up with them, therefore, they wont let u go! As i understand, all Consultants inside will hv their own sales target for every month. Can u imagine how pushy they could be? If u really interested to sign up with this slimming centre, try to be smart by refusing signing up with them at first and pretent u wanna to leave, coz they SURE will give u more sessions / gift in order to get your bussiness!! Do not give them too high deposit upon signing up, as i know, they can accept deposit as low as RM50 only!! (as long as u give some $$) Just to avoid u regret after sign up.

Nevertheless, my slimming process is quite a successful one as i hv lost 15kg in 4 months time. I can say im very very very lucky as my Consultant is not pushy type. Maybe becoz at that time, my Consultant is resigning soon, therefore, she wasn't that pushy and she even told me a lot of things which happened inside this slimming centre. For your information, i didnt complete fully my slimming session. I still hv 1 more session to complete but im not dare to go back after my Consultant resigned, coz im sure they will keep pushing me to top up my slimming session or purchase any products from them in order to maintain my weight.

Some information to share with all girls wanna to do slimming course, plz ensure that u are the type who are easy to slim down. As advised by my Consultant, if your muscle / fat is very soft (lembik), the chances for u to slim down is easier than those who hv very hard muscle / fat. The Consultantation for those who hv hard muscle / fat will be longer and of course, u got to pay more!!! For those who cant control their eating habit (junk food, candy, desserts), plz do not waste your money also...

Hope the above information is of help and wishing good day to all girls


Anonymous said...

I so regret that I signed up for the treatment at London Weight Management when I found out this forum. I was recommended by my colleague who went for a trial session a week before. She was so satisfied with the free treatment as she lost almost 2kgs. I went to check it out myself and i signed up for 10 treatments immediately. The consultant told me, with my body condition now, i need at least 30 treaments which cost RM 1,010.00 per treatment. That will me more thn RM30k for the whole 30 treatments. Later she told me, they can let me have it at a promotional price at RM3,900.00 for 10 treaments. I paid them with my credit card on instalment plan for 12 months, which will be rm 325 per month.

Now i hate myself so much as i did not do any survey online before I go for the treatment. What I did was only going to their website to check on their customers comment on how effective their treatments are.

I went for my 1st treatment yday, and after much persuasions finally I agreed to buy a total of 15boxes of their so called London Express coffee at RM2,100.00. I lost a total of RM 6,000.00 to them. I bought 1 box of their coffee earlier at RM 210.00 and after taking it for 3days, I found out that I lost 1kg. I thought it was effective.

I tried to call the bank and ask whether can i void the transactions that I signed by using my credit card, but unfortunately they cant unless I talk to London Weight Management to cancel it which I think is IMPOSSIBLE.

I feel like I am a big fat chunk of PORK and London Weight Management has eaten me alive!

Please, for those who plan to go for the treatments, think twice! $ is hard to earn nowadays.

Authorities, kindly do something to this Company after so many reports, and complaints were made by the public.

is anyone out there able to help me on how to get my $ back?
Please, i really need help.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,
I'm sorry to hear that most of you got 'cheated' by such slimming centres. The problem is , all of these so called 'Consultants' are not qualified to give proper body analysis and evaluation. They are just trained to sell and use a few 'scare' tactics and phrases. For example, one forummer said the Consultant told her that hard muscles are harder to lose compared to soft muscles. I really laughed and rolled on the floor upon reading that. You need muscles to burn fat, be it long slim muscles or big bulky ones. I strongly encourage ladies who plan to lose weight to think about exercising and a healthy lifestyle instead of these time/money wasting quick slimming gimmicks.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the new victim for LWMC.
i read a post from Lynn saying that she got her money back through NCCC. May I ask when you did you get your money back and did NCCC contact you after the report has been lodged?
I already lodge a report to NCCC 5 days after signing with LWMC and are now filing a report with small claim court Malaysia.
Anyone has any experience with this?

Anonymous said...

im one of their victims D; i went there alone for trial. and stupid me had been easily gt cheated by this sucks company. i told them im a student, not able to afford pay so much. then the idiot ask me to borrow money from my friends. after their "forcing method" to let me sign up the package of 1200(which is only wrapping and no effect at all!),eventually i borrowed 400 bucks from my friend for the first payment. then because of this,i started searching for part time job.i have to concentrate on study and also working at the same time because of this hell thing.until last month i only able to pay another 300 which means i left 400 bucks. thank god letting me see u people's comments. im now wondering, should i finish the payment?? comments please... just too stupid too naive to believe those ppl,its a big lesson for me.. D;

Anonymous said...

View the site few days ago I found a free one london weight management treatment care, I just want to press it does not matter, did not think they really called me also to their shop reservation 27/3/2011 to free a course of treatment because my own body weight is 85kg, the doctor said my weight is a dangerous condition, my heart went to a free trial anyway, I asked on the phone many times is not really free, because I was just out of the economic capacity of the work is very unstable, the family also needs me home, but when I went in when they were asked to take my ic up, I think should have nothing but up, and after they took me into a room called the I left off lingerie and underwear, and then told me my problem, I wear the clothes and then they told me told me to pay to do brief treatment, I said I do not have that much of my limited means, they They said I could join the member about RM500, I said I do not have so much money they say they can withdraw money over there atm machine, I said I did not bank so much money, they say, okay, I can get matching points two to three payments, they introduced me to a complete course of treatment is RM3900 is divided into 10 times, I also said I'm not that much money, and then they said it would take the course is divided into five and RM2200 for the first time just to pay the RM150 it may, I also said I did not lie so much money they said I went to my boyfriend I want to take money, but they do not give me out and said they had prepared the room for me, anyway, they said the free to do first, what I have just come out of this community had not dared argue, and they made it clear that obedience is free, I went inside, they took me into doing something that I do not know what course of their past, as to the second, when I want to completely do not know what they are doing, and they took me into the room to help me put on some things called sea salt to help me pack up and left after the next header it may, I do not After a few years to know the time I feel the pain of the first great force of the body did not feel the heart beat is also very fast, not a few years I felt very dizzy head, I think the body is very hard, I tried to come in but did not Jiaoren people care about me, I do not know, but after a few years time someone finally came, in fact, very dizzy when I speak, he does not know what to answer to at that time I was asked to take a shower after they called me wear the clothes they are prepared to take my atm card out, and they say to help me register, I put the card to them after they said I signed up RM500 to the member money, I was awake the whole person, but it is too late They have been pressed, I do not know what to do, I'm only 18 years old, I'm very bad family situation, they say before I go I have to pay RM500 must be bankin to them, I do not have enough money to give them to said to the police, so much I never been to the police station when I'm really afraid that I'll call my friends over to help me get to the RM150, after which we must sign a RM1500 I can not leave otherwise supporting There, I was really afraid it had signed, I do not know what to do they must want me to pay RM1500, but my monthly wage is only RM1300, I do not know how to pay this money, I afraid, who can help me? Who called the next I should do?

Feneca said...

How to contact Lynn? regarding the way she redeem back her $$$ from London Weight Management? I've trying to redeem back my RM800 as a deposit

icefreak said...

Feneca, any news from Lynn? I am a victim too.. We are in the same boat..

Anonymous said...

my niece fell into this scam with LWM and worse she was made spend thousands of ringgit to purchase their 'slimming' coffee. I suspect the coffee contains some harmful ingredients which they do not mention in the ingredient list. can somebody please report this to Kementerian Kesihatan?

Anonymous said...

Hi I am LWM's victime too. They insist to hold my credit card during my treatment although I want back it back. And after my treatment, they claimed that they have contacted my credit card company and that my credit card company provide installment plan. So I signed up. Upon calling my credit card company to verify, they said I cannot change to installment plan because LWM is not in their merchant list. So I called back LWM for refund but they refuse. Im now filing a case against them thru NCCC and tribunal and LWM asked to settle but they need 3 months to process the cheque. I think its ridiculous that they need that long to process the cheque. Any advise? Should I settle with LWM or go thru tribunal?

Anonymous said...

I think I must say in their defence that although they are expensive and pushy, their products and methods do work. Most of those who post negative comments are pple who regret their purchases. The satisfied ones seldom want to talk about it.

I was just as skeptical as all of you when I first signed up. I also thought it was just water etc. I didn't believe it until I saw my bermudas slipping off my waist. Then friends started commenting about my weight loss.

After my body crossed the 5kg loss mark, it became really easy. I lost 10kg in less than 4 months (only attended about 7 sessions) and drinking their coffee once a day.

The key thing was I kept to their recommended diet plan quite religiously, at least for the first 2 months.

If you want to lose weight, your determination to keep to the diet plan must be very strong and I certainly became very determined after spending that obscene amount of money on 30 sessions.

Although they are pushy, nosy and ah-lian, I went in with my eyes open and am very happy I managed to lose the 10kg so far. And among all the diets I went on last time, the LWM diet plan is the most flexible coz I don't need to avoid everything oily and fatty. Just eat less of it and control the carbo intake throughout the day. This plan can be maintained long term as long as you don't fall back into the bad habits of overeating.

So I must say that my money was well-spent even though it was really obscene. I could never dream of losing that 10kg myself ever. The feeling is priceless if you have been fat for the past 10 years.

You just gotta smile and hold your guns when they try to push you more products. Once you're past that, it is the results that count.

Anonymous said...

can i leave here a self advertisement?
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Anonymous said...

I'm a LWM customer and i totally regret going there. They cheated my mum's money. Like the previous comments, they kept on pushing and pushing till me and my mum both went for the treatment. With my treatments there, it didn't really work. then after some time, i stopped going there awhile and i started my own diet plan. Now i lost s much weight with dieting and i really regret going to LWM. they are cheaters and please watch out for those pushy consultants!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi lynn, how did you file a complaint against them? I'm a victim too.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous ,
Like all the others I too fell for their lies and tricks and ended signing up for the 20 session. the problem is after the first (free try) and second session I underwent terrible sideeffects- vomitting, headache, feve, body pain etc. you name it I experienced so much problem that I felt I was going to end up in the hospital. I had never felt so sick in my life. I had to take mc and stay at home because I couldn't even stand. is this what weight management is about? When I called them and complained what was happening to me they just told me that they mighr have set the temperature (blanket)a bit too high. When I told them I wanted my refund they said it would not be possible. I think we are being cheated by this London Weight Management. Something must be done about them before they swindle more people's money. said...

How to contact Lynn? regarding the way she redeem back her money from London Weight Management? I'm a victim of London weight management too

Anonymous said...

When I first tried the trial, a sweet-mouthed consultant convinced me to sign above RM10K package with a 2-year credit card instalment.

After all the "hu-ha" fat burning treatments plus lots of additional coffee, wrapping costs, etc.... approx. amounting to more than RM17K; I still didn't see much improvement. Lost around 5kg since I started in 2011 and it became stagnant.

There's another consultant who had the cheek to say that, "You will always pay LWM"...meant that I'll always be coming back and keep paying for the treatments. What are these people being trained on?

Was once had electrical shock as the consultant was too busy and ask a newbie to set the machine for me - my leg flew up.
At another session, the consultant was on emergency leave and the cream used for me was the wrong concoction that I suffered burning sensation during the wrapping session - I screamed for the newbie to stop the session (wasted 1 session).

SEE...!!! What I paid my blood sweat money for? To suffer due to incompetence...

In fact I lost 3kg when I stopped going to LWM for a few months due to my busy work schedule.

When I resume my session (still had some balance sessions), the consultant gave me a free treatment using a machine called Lipodissolve which showed a flatten effect and told me that the 20-session costs RM9600.

I asked her why didn't she use this treatment from the beginning? She can't answer me and just smiled.

Still tried to convince me to sign-up, I didn't sign for that course.

She said, "Don't say that the treatment had no effect". After close to 3 years of treatments, she dared to say what she said.

Sigh...I just want to finish the sessions I paid for.

Hope those out there who are considering to try LWM, to think carefully unlike myself who got conned by sweet-mouthed I just stand my ground to finish the balance treatments.

Anonymous said...

Dear,of course u can loose your weight with that kind of diet.10kgs in 4months...u dont have to go there if u have such determination.

Anonymous said...

You can leave a negative feedback on their web site and then you immediately receive an apologetic e-mail from the main office. After that the consultant will call you to make new arrangements. This is what I did. So it works to some extent.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a victim too. I paid rm 500 plus rm1000 plus for the coffee? Have taken 4 boxes so far. Another 6 to go. Has any1 besides Lynn gone to NCCC? I WANT TO GET MY MONEY BACK. a fren of mind told me nt to consume the coffee as it messes yr lipo.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would like some advise from everybody.

i bought a voucher for 2 free trail at LWM. during the 1st visit I've recently signed up the LWM for a 30 sesssion..which i've signed some documents with them at the center. I've already paid a 1k deposit.

after the 1st trail i start to google up and notice that there is lotz of complaint on LWM. i would like to cancel it and I don't mind losing that 1K. may i know can i just call and cancel or is there any penalty fee that i will encounter later on??

thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to have read all this comments before stepping into LWM. Incidentally i have registered with my i/c number for a free trial. Fortunately i had to postpone my appointment a few times as something always cropped up. I told the consultant who rang me up that I might as well cancel my booking completely as I am sure they are also tired of me having to postpone each time. According to her, once i have registered with my i/c number and name, I have to go, if not they will keep calling me. I am going to call them and INSIST that I want to cancel. Thanks for all that feedback!

Anonymous said...

i just went to LWM in sg recently and tried their trial session. it is really effective for me and i purchased a box of their coffee to try at home. i didn't buy any package with them thoguh cause it is quite pricey.. however, they have a 5 days cooling off period which i think is very good. if u change your mind can just go back for refund, other beauty salons like jean yip and bottom slim all dun even entertain your refund.

Duped said...

Hi...I am a victim of London Weight Management as well. I saw a RM28 trial session on the net and went in just too try it but my consultant kept persuading me and pushing me to sign up for a 10 session package that costs RM3000 plus. I told her it was to expensive for me and that I needed time to think about it but she was very persistent. She said I had to sign up within 3 hours or I would lose all the extra perks they offer like lifetime membership and etc.She also kept telling me that my body was full of toxin and that I had lots of cellulite. She even asked me how my husband could stand my body. I was made to deel like I had the worst and ugliest body in the whole world! I finally relented and paid a deposit of RM500. Although I did not carry cash with me, They brought in their own machine and asked me to punch in withdrawal of RM 500 using my Maybank card. While driving home, my thighs, buttocks and legs were itching non-stop due to the treatment where they run electricity sort of thing.My consultant told me it was infra-red rays but I felt like mild electricity running through my stomach and legs and my muscles kept contracting. When I told her about the itch, she said it will go away after a few hours as this was due to blood circulation being revived by their machine. The itch never went away and got worse and I had to see a doctor the next day to get medicine to ease the itch. When I called them up and told them I wanted a refund, They wanted proof that I was allergic to their treatment and that they cannot promise my refund. Why can't they refund my money when I have not even started my sessions and when I suffered so much of pain and discomfort when I went for the RM28 trial session? What are my rights as a consumer? Please help!

Anonymous said...

I am a victim of LWM-The Mines. I have changed my mind for not going ahead with their treatment because I've tried their free trail. I have itchness after the treatment and scare got side effect. They have already charged my card. I have demanded for a refund but they refused to refund me for 10 treatments costing RM3,900 inclusive of the RM500 whole life membership fee. They are full of bullshit. I don't trust them. I have report my case to NCCC and still waiting for NCCC reply.

Anonymous said...

Referring to the complaint written by anonymous dated October 7, 2014. Have u successfully claimed for refund? I'm one of the victim. Signed up a package cost RM 10800 FOR 30times on 17 October 2014 at time 18.00 & want to cancel off at about time 21.00 the same day but they said cannot. They've never showed me what the terms and conditions & package I've signed up. They said u can only cancel off if only u diagnosed with any ill sickness i.e cancer! Help...

Anonymous said...

Did u manage to get solutions?

Anonymous said...

I have successfully filed my complaint to Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia last week. There will be a consumer court hearing in two weeks time. LWM-HQ has called me and they want to settle out of court and refund me. I have given them the dateline. If they did not meet my dateline I will see them in court. As for now I am still waiting for their refund as promised. Hope to hear good news next week.

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Crystal lover said...

All slimming centre are cheating ppl . Don't go is the best

Crystal lover said...

All slimming centre are cheating ppl . Don't go is the best

Crystal lover said...

All slimming centre are cheating ppl . Don't go is the best

Anonymous said...

Did u get ur money bck

Annoyed said...

Recently a friend of mine went to this Seremban branch and wasn't too happy about the service provided. As it was told by her, she felt very uncomfortable with the way the staff/consultants spoke to her. Two things I would like to highlight here:

1. They were forcing her to sign up for their program before and after giving her her first treatment. The fact that they were forcing her to sign up even before giving her the sample treatment that she was there for made her want to leave without even trying.
2. They were probing too much into her personal life affairs which made her very uncomfortable. As mentioned by her, they wanted personal information such as how much she was earning, her savings, where her husband works, what does he work as, what if her husband one day says he doesn't want her because she was gaining weight and so on and so forth.

I personally was taken aback with what and I knew I had to write in.

I dearly hope that something would be done to have a bit more professionalism and ethics to what can and cannot be said and done!

A concerned customer.

Unknown said...

I have also lodged a complaint against them on NCCC. I hope I'll get my refund. Btw, did you get yours?

Anonymous said...

I went to LWM last year in hopes to lose weight and regain confidence as a young lady. The treatment presented to me was Lavender treatment. My consultant ;Jane, came off as a friendly and sweet girl to me at first. I do understand that it is her job to promote sales to hit her target. She too, pushed sales to me the entire time when I was naked, helpless on the infrared blanket or so she claimed. After an hour of pointless battle with me, she brought in another consultant by the name, Grace. This bitch is one of a kind. A stupid one, that is. She came in, attacked me saying that I'm fat and will never have a boyfriend at that rate, even if I go to a gym, I will never lose the amount of fats on my body. She even said, image is very important to find a job, since she knew I was unemployed. I was a fresh graduate. Who are you shitting? I am aware of my own body which was why I agreed to attend the sessions offered to me through an online quiz. I never asked to be chosen, I was just answering it for fun and so happened to get it cause God knows why. I thought the ordeal ends there but no. After the gruesome five hour long session(I was told to spare three hours from 10am to 1pm but ended at about 4pm instead), I got surrounded by two other consultants plus Jane. They legit forced me and changed the same phrase over and over again, "Your fats is one big unit, with our treatment it will become small units that will pass through your blood vessels and you'll lose weight like magic." I am not deaf, certainly not a fool to not understand their broken English. I was tainted so hard I didn't want to go back for the second session but I went anyway cause I was told that I can never cancel the second session since I'm not tied to any package. I went along with it but better prepared the second time. I told that bitch I have no time and will never come back because of her bad attitude and service. I left there WITHOUT SIGNING A PACKAGE. I guess you must really be determined and not be swayed by their words. I hope everyone thinks twice before going in. If I have to compare LWM to something, it would be the tigers' den. Don't risk it, just exercise and eat healthily.