Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bizzy Body


Name: Bizzy Body

Tag Line: The Slimming Expert
Website Address:

Ambassador: Sandra Ooi


1. Slimming

2. Facial

1. Cheras

2. Kuala Lumpur

3. Kepong

4. Pavilion

5. Brem Mall, Kepong

6. USJ

7. Bandar Baru Klang

8. Damansara

9. Taman Desa

10. Kajang

Rating: Bad (1-5) Good
Ambience: 1
Service: 1
Price: 1
Product: 1

Bizzy Body, what sort of 1st Assurance? Who is covering the insurance and also what sort of guarantee? I wonder is it just sales talk.
Anyway, Bizzy Body is having a BEAUTIFUL MUM SEARCH CONTEST. So for those of you that already become ‘young mummy’, I suggest you to give it a try. Maybe you don’t have to pay anything after winning.


Anonymous said...

Hi gals,

Any of you try the centre before? They said give assurance result of weight lost. is it true?

Please share your experience.


Anonymous said...

Hi water_sakana,

i have a pretty bad experience with Bizzy Body Damansara Uptown. i previously submitted my details for a free slimming session in their website, and i was asked to go to this new branch of Bizzy Body. no doubt the sales assistant has good persuading skills, managed to persuade me to go for the course she recommended. she explained the most expensive package first, i think cost around rm5-6k, and i immediately told her that i could not afford that much. then she turned to another package, cost around rm3.8k. then, another package around rm2k. i've decided to sign up for the rm3k package - according to her its a 14 days package, where you go for treatments like 2 times per week. if i fail to slim down after completing the whole course, they will give me unlimited free treatments until i reach the target. (to lose 1 clothes size).

my credit amount for the credit card wasn't high enough to pay for 0% interest installment plan, so i had to call up my mom to ask her to increase my credit limit. i was told that it could be done in 1 day (change credit limit thingy) so she insisted me to go for the 1st treatment, and sign up a refundable deposit of rm380 first. i paid on the spot and she quickly dumped me into a room and another girl in charge came in and gave me 2 treatment sessions (blanket + wrapping lymphatic drainage sort of thing). after i've finished the 2 sessions, the credit limit remained unchanged so the sales assistant made another appointment for me on the following week.

when i got back home, i felt so cheated. its like i have to sign up a package of rm3.8k and later on a dozen of ampoules for another rm1.2k. i called her up to tell her that i want to cancel the package and she told me that it is ok, they will refund me the rm380 as in treatments, not cash. i was told to wait, yet it has already been 10 months since she last called me. when they say its free, do not expect to get what you expect to get. i easily get tempted to sweet talks, and i regretted immediately after the treatments. she told me that if i were to sign up for the rm5k package, she will take my picture before the treatment and send it for Bizzy Body's competition, see whether i'll be the next ambassador or not.

my friend who went to another branch of BB refused to sign up for any packages. the sales assistant tried with packages from rm5k to rm500, then to rm50. luckily she had her free session unlike me, when i ask about the free treatment, she ignored me and told me that since i've signed up for the course, why bother about the free session? i'll definitely not step into BB anymore.

Dav Chong said...

why not you give UNISENSE a try?

Anonymous said...

Bizzy Body and all these slimming sanctuaries are blood suckers!...Never ever buy the Group-On vouchers...They segregate between premium paying vs discounted paying customers...All the stupid Datins who just walk in paying big bucks are taken care of well whilst those with coupons are not treated well.. Trust me...I experience this...Boycott these assholes!...Teach them a lesson...Best weight loss program is constant exercising and watchful diet..That's the best remedy.