Thursday, October 23, 2008

New York Skin Solutions

Name: New York
Tag Line: Skin Solutions
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1. Klang Bukit Tinggi

2. Bukit Mertajam

4. Mid Valley

5. IOI Mall, Puchong
6. The Curve

7. Lot 10
8. Subang Parade

9. Mid Valley
10. Gurney Plaza, Penang

Rating: Bad (1-5) Good
Ambience: 2
Service: 2
Price: 2
Product: 3
Results: 3



Anonymous said...

last night i went n try the free trial n got free product..the facial was awesome..but im not sure whether the package of the facial is it worth it to sign it..?
im lost in this matter,cos i read some review from singapore brides,it seem bad.
anyone try or currently using this product or undergo this package?
please help me figure out.
And then the facial the did on me is cost rm280...yadayada..
thn they offer me a course which wil cost me rm1000 for 5+1 package(originally is rm1600++..and thn got some free addition is kinda of expensive..should i sign it?
and plus they r so persuasive..make me so melted n wan the course badly..finally i pay like rm30 for deposit to hold it..but after i went back home n read some review..nt so nice review..i felt bad and i duno wht to do..should i tk it or not???????????????help such a bimbo:(

Anonymous said...

Any website for this particular saloon?

How do you feel after the facial, if it doesn't seem to give u much problems but improve your skin, why not sign up with the package? If in the end it doesn't give ur skin the attention that's suppose to be, then don't sign up any more packages. Things like this have to be tried and tested to know if it's suitable for you or not. Bad reviews from others doesn't mean it'll give u bad reactions if u use their product or services.

Anonymous said...

okies..tq for ur opinion..i wil think about it...anyway the deadline is at i hv plenty of time to think..the problem is hor..they dun hv proper plan n list out for each facial..thy jt list themselves..mayb this wht they claim is customized facial..
they dun hv website ..but i read some forum claim that they,sensualite,london weight mgt n yum nam is under the same company.
i like the did give me good feeling..i wil see how..

Anonymous said...

hi patricia,

actually last week i was in the same situation as you. I went for their trial facial at RM48. i thought their facial was very nice. My consultant was very friendly as well. She did ask me to sign up for 10+1 sessions plus 6 full size products for RM2000 (they claim one time is RM280). I told them it was expensive and i will have to ask my parents ( i am just student lar) but i paid deposit of RM50. My consultant said that if i dun want the package den i can exchange the deposit for product.

So when i wen home surf the net, i read many complains from singapore site about their service. I was so worried den. When my consultant called me up , i told her too expensive . So she gave me a student package 3 sess plus 3 products for RM 588. So i tot i might try it lar since just 3 times, better den 10 times lar. Monday i wen for the second time. Their facial actually very nice lar ,like the ultrasonic BUT the extraction so painful. Like use some needles poke my face. Now my face can say less break out lar . Their product also not bad also. I din get any rashes or anything.

I know lar after my 3 times, will surely ask me continue, but expensive lor. I took my mom there also, she sign up 11 times for RM2000 , they say one time RM 400 wor for her age, problems like sagging, wrinkles etc...

Actually up to you lor whether wanna sign up a not. For me since it is 3 times only den oky lar. If anything goes wrong den i won't continue lor. Hope this helps. Btw, which branch did you go? I went to Subang parade one.

Anonymous said...

icic..i went to the midvalley one..
i felt release after u reply me..phew..i thou im the oly one tat tried.
But then they hv one thing not good because they never clarifier the status of the treatment the pricelist...mayb im blur tat time tat y pay..actually it is darn expensive but they wil said they free this n my heart felt better..but duno it is true or not..sigh..
i wil see how la..
by the way u got msn messenger?or ym?
we can chat more on there?i really ned ur opinion.

Anonymous said...

Don't get conned by them. They are from the group called the Yun Nam Hair. They are very unethic business people. Their trick is to make you sign up and bucks from you again and again. Infact they have changed name too due to too much complaints fr customers.

You can try the one I sign up...and you and compare are they that good. Mine is bodyperfect at midvalley. Its from HK. I will let you try at my cost. then you can make judgement. (if you are interested la.... )

wait ah...i saw in one website on lots of complain on this NY skin solutions leh.......

Anonymous said...

Yea extractions are painful. They use those mini but really sharp needles to poke a hole at the whiteheads/blackheads/pimples in order to get the yuckiness out. If they dun poke, it'll be harder to come out thus more painful squeezing.

Anonymous said...

my facial extraction is not painful one...I hate those beautician poke and then use fingers with tissue squeeze it out It has been very common to famous salons like dermalogica or thalgo ones. They still can say prodly "our extraction is very famous!"

what i like about my facial is they use very fine twizzer and they go to your pore and take it out. Some even wear the Magnifer glass which they wear on their forehead and see your pore enlarge like few hundred time and they use the twizzer to take out.....

As my skin is very sensitive, I find the normal painful squeezing methods makes my skin reddish very red and swollen and they can't go off even the 5th day. But when I go for the "take out" method, I got no such problem and I got to confidence to meet frens after facial.

There is another type I heard they only suck out. But you haveto use their range of product which consists of oxygen. But I find the product too oily. Don't like it.

Anonymous said...

NYSS.. i dun have confident with them altho they advertised a lot but so far all i heard is all negative feedbacks / complaints. To me, if i wana go for facial, i'll choose well-known company which gives me enof confident n mostly can give good results. I've been tired of trying those 1st trial which offers a cheap price but end up not satisfy with their products / services. Most of them r very pushy to make sales from u. I dun like the feeling.

Now i'm having my facial at Bella Skin care. It's a bit exp compared to others but they r very very professional on this. They have lotsa machines n the extraction is very good! I juz love their service so much

Anonymous said...

Hi people,

Wonder have you read this? its a place for consumer to complain on their encounters. And New York Skin solutions and Yum Nam (all same boss) are included. Quite a fair bit there.

Happy reading....

Anonymous said...

Hi jaylow,

I also have sensitive skin, but would like to go for a trial facial and maybe sign up a package to clear blocked pores and some acne/pimples on my face. May I know what package u signed up for at Body Perfect, mid valley? How much is it? I'm kinda interested to try after reading ur comments on how the extraction was done.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I was one of the NYSC customer in subang parade branch last year. I signed up for the course worth about RM4k which about 15 times facial. during the course, i saw improvement in my skin textures which i need to continue using their products for a long time.

to tell u the truth, these people are really good in pestering and persuading people to take their attractive packages. i was one of the victim. when my facial almost reach the 15th, they kept persuading me to continue in order to see a better result. having said that, the package they offered is quite expensive compared to the others.

i finally discontinued. now my face back to origin which at times it break outs quite often. that saddens me. after spending so much money in their product n services, nothing much has help my face unless i keep investing more money into them.

Anonymous said...

Few more:

new york skin solutions used to be giant ginseng, london weight management used to be sensualite. haha.. i wonder why they change their name....

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I'm new member here. just joined today after I read the forum on NYCC here.
I signed up a facial treatment package at NYCC subang parade last year Nov. Now I still have balance 3 treatments to go.
I agree with u all ----all the consulatants are very hard-seller. do u all know how much I have spent there since NOV 2006 till now?
first RM3900 for 15 treatments. then on my 6th treatment, the consultant told me that my skin is too dry, need more hydration. that's why can't see obvious result on my face. ask me to add another 2k++ for ampourse (soothing & hydrating liquid).they claim that if i don't add this product in the treatment, my face will not get improvement and it's waste for the RM3900 that I 've spent for the whole package.
so, I bought that product. first time use that product, really feel soothing.... but dunno why I found it no effect on my skin anymore after 3rd or 4th bottle.
then come to my 10th or 11th treatment, i met their skin specialist. she keep on criticizing my complexion-- too dry la..too sensitive la...that They have to use their strongest weapon---plant placenta, then only can totally cure my complexion. it cost about RM 960 per treatment. and have to go for at least 5 times. but this time i didn't signed up. because I realise that I've spent almost all my saving there but no improvement on my complexion.

Anonymous said...

Don't get conned by them. They are from the group called the Yun Nam Hair. They are very unethic business people. Their trick is to make you sign up and bucks from you again and again. Infact they have changed name too due to too much complaints fr customers.

You can try the one I sign up...and you and compare are they that good. Mine is bodyperfect at midvalley. Its from HK. I will let you try at my cost. then you can make judgement. (if you are interested la.... )

Hi Jaylow, may i know which package are you taking at BodyPrefect at there ? I'm quite interested with it.. and how much does it cost you?

Anonymous said...

Hi girls .. I'm a new member here.

I feel shock after reading the comments in this column & I want to share my story too.

I tried the NYSS free trial facial in Mac this year at the Subang Jaya outlet. During the consultation, the beautician pointed out I am having very severe skin problems. After the facial, the beautician & the branch manager asked me to signed up for a course of RM 4000 consists of 15 collagen facial treatments. I did'nt sign up the course immediately but I paid a deposit of RM 500 in order to book for the so called "promotion" package !! 2 weeks later, the beautician called me & hoping to to overcome my skin problems, I signed up the course. After 4 treatments, I don't see any visible improvement as guatanteed by them, the beautician has cosulted her "skin specialist" & asked me to switch to a more expensive course >> RM 9800 for the plant placenta treatment. She said this will definitely overcome all my skin problems. I rejected her suggestion, saying that it is too expensive. Again, the branch manager (an Indian lady who is quite rude) also pursuaded me to sign up for the course. I didn't do so. After 3 week, I went for my 4th facial treatment, the beautician said I can switch to the plant placenta treatment by just purchasing 10 bottles of plant placenta which cost me RM 1890 (after discount). Again, hoping to cure my skin problem, I bought those plant placenta. Honestly, I can see better skin complexion after the 1st bottle .... but now, my skin is back to orgin. I feel so regretted as I spent so much of my money.

I want to know does this "skin specialist" actually exist ? Also, I don't understand why they ask me to go facial on a weekly basis ? Moreover, whenever I get breakout after the facial, the beautician will say "it's a normal skin reaction" ??!!

Anonymous said...

Mich gave a free facial to me sometime last month at New York Skin Solutions.

“You must call them to make appointment, they are very busy one,” she told me.

My ‘beautician’ explained my skin type and what she would do while scanning my face with a eye-scope and displayed the images in the notebook screen. Eeek! Lots of clogged pores, dirt (a lot of standing, waiting for bus?), oil and blemishes.

The reception area appeared small but according to my beautician, “There are 22 room here,” when I asked her. The walls are in navy too so it’s quite dark but the rooms are in beidge or white - couldn’t really tell.

Each room has a bed, a sink with automated hot / cold water (convenient for facial & massages), a mirror and hanger for your clothes. Most of the customers would have a machine brought in for facial. There is a loose garment to wear because there’s shoulder & neck massage. Some of the products are applied there too.

The facial would take about 1 1/2hr - 2hrs. For my pimples with oily skin, I was:

2 masks
pimples, blackheads & whiteheads extraction
brief face & shoulder massage
It was very relaxing - I almost fell asleep. Except the extraction part. 2 cotton pads were put over my eyes to protect them from the light onto face. And I suspect to absorb my tears. After the facial is finished, I was brought to the same room as the screening again to check results. Really, cleaner and fresher. There was less red marks from the pimples retraction compared to Praise Beauty.

Then she introduced the facial package. RM2000 for 10 facial sessions and 50% discount on skincare products. Aha! It was too expensive for me. Seeing my reluctance, she offered another package - RM1000 for 5 facial sessions and 3 products in full size (cleanser, toner, moisturizer).

“Let me think first,” I told her.

“You must sign up today. The promotion is not valid on another day.”

Wah, shit. This is how New York Skin Solution capture you.

“You also get 3 free facial vouchers for your friends each month.”

Next time, I’m going to research all freebies and jobs/companies at Online Consumer Community Portal!

London Weight Management (formerly Sensualite Slimming),
New York Skin Solutions (formerly Giant Ginseng) & Yun Nam Hair Care belong to same Singaporean HQ: all 3 companies use same hard-selling tactics, same operation. There have been cases filed against them at the consumer tribunal for misleading advert, unethical business practices, cheating etc. You can read those horror stories under consumer messages headings “Yun Nam Hair care” & “London Weight Management Sdn Bhd”.

- Consumer - New York Skin - suspicious and unethical - Discussion Forum For The Singapore Wedding * Beauty, Health and Fitness * New York Skin Solutions

My beautician also recommended Collagen drink to detoxify and have more energy - there’s a promotion of Buy 2 Free 1 for April. 1 pack is RM180. I didn’t buy it. She persuaded me to take it but I insisted not to.

The point is:


By the time I reached home, the red spots were apparent! I thought we shouldn’t get scars from facials! But after a day or two, I noticed my skin was better and no more red spots.


Learn to say NO more often
Eat more Vit C & fruit
Drink more water
Shit more
Exercise and manage stress

Unknown said...

I had a very unpleasant experience with New York Skin Solutions today. Wished I'd google for reviews before going. Mine turned out a disaster. Read my review here and be warned...

Anonymous said...

after i saw all the comment. I feel scare to try New york skin solutions even i had make an appointment next week sunday @@"
It is worth to go try?
wont damage face?
my skin is sensitive...

Unknown said...

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jj said...

i sign up few package already but still look not ok. The last package took me the price at RM4000.00 with 20 bottles of ampour. The black mark become red mark on my face. Hope will stop to continue after finish my facial package. Eat more fruit and good exercise is important to pay all this facial package.

Unknown said...

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