Thursday, October 23, 2008


Name: SlimFit
Tag Line: Delivers Results

Rating: 3 Stars

Products: Natural Bust Enhancement, Pigmentation Treatment, Body Massage, Stretch Marks Removal Therapy
Location: KL-Berjaya Times Square

Ambassador: None


They are currently only 1 branch in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

I just did something i would not say its stupid but i still feel its stupid larr....

my friend and i signed up for a breast enlargement package from Slim Fit Spa today....their original price is around 4.5k but with their promotion now + student price, its costs me around 2.2k

we paid RM200 as deposit and we can hold it this price until we can afford the service...and it has no expiry date~

they only use natural way to enlarge ur breast by massaging n some oil to stimulate the growth of ur breast. they will help u to make ur breast fuller and look round naturally, no more depending on bras....and the end results are guaranteed~

Any comment? what you guys think bout it? it worth the price or im splurging?

darn~....i feel guilty now~ geez!

Anonymous said...

Um sorry to say, but thats like the stupidest thing you could ever do !

Breast enlargement? ......

I think the size of your breasts will always stay that way, only until you get pregnant and until you have kids, they will get bigger.

And thats a crazy amount! 2.2k is literally mad.

Anonymous said...

Eee I will be so shy to let someone massage my breasts

Anonymous said...

me too! feel so shy cos letting stranger touches my boobs! Totally against it...

woah, rm 2.2k i can use to buy a lappie already........sob sob....

p/s: but i believe different people have different thinking on what worth to splurge... as long u urself feel happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was browsing the web and saw this thread.

I am one of the stupid fellows who had tried their package, I had finished all treatment (6 months) and the result was really dissappointing. I paid all together more than RM6,000 and yes, my breast did enlarged, but just a bit -- half cup. I mean, RM6k for half cup!! Who would think that is worth it? When I complain, they gave me all kind of reasons, and even trying to asked me to sign up further, so to "'continue enjoying the enlargement until I am satisfied". This is my stupidest purchase, and great lesson learnt.

My advice to all babes outthere, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR IT!!

My consultant's name was Sam, when I sign up, she was so helpful and always available, but when I had problem, she always not free to meet me.

Dear dumdum, really sorry to know that you have just signed up too.. but to be cheated on RM200 is better than RM2k.. and I was even worse, my hard-earn money of RM6k just gone like that!

Anonymous said... sorry for u Novgal. My consultant was Bell and yea she seems to be very nice~

She guaranteed me a half cup also, from sagging 32B to a full B after 7 treatments and no longer need bra for push ups. She also showed me some testimonials written by the succeeded cases with the person's identity card as well so i guess the effectiveness is there.

I think what made us so tempted was the promotion price, mine is from 4k down to 2k while my friend's is from 6k down to 3k. But after considering, i think there is bigger possibilities of me transferring to the other services instead of breast enhancement, cause 2k for half cup, that sounds ridiculous to me now. Geeezz~! I'm so jealous when i look at other girl's nicely shaped bust with cleavage *i'm not a pervert okay~* but when i look at mine...haihs so sad at times.

But anyway, I'll just take this RM200 as an opportunity and I guess I'll only use it for other purpose like 5 years later when I'm already working.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd, I just paid RM1000 as deposit and am supposed to pay another half on my first treatment. I mean I saw so many testimonials and I didn't even for a second think it's fake. What should I do?? Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Am I supposed to truse slimfit or not? How come so many negative feedback? What about those who have good feedback? Can trust ar??


Anonymous said...

well, you are who you are..thats what i agree with.
if massage can solve the problem of size? why would people bother spend money to surgeon just to enlarge it?
enlarge half a cup is like.. ermm to me don't make much different right? unless they can assure you at least 1 cup different. If not refund every penny u spent. then thats something else..
otherwise.. testimonial all these things...can be fake.....

Anonymous said...

good afternoon
for u all case.i dont really accept it.cause i'm the 1 signed course.already finish my course since last 1 years.i have my A - bust with no curve.cause i on diet when on my puberty time
but after the treatment cost me RM9K+.I DO COME TO B CUP full permanant till now leh...why u all dont have result.?just curious!!!!!they got teach me how to massage at home after finish the course.atleast i still have my great size know how to maintain myself la.just think of sign anotehr package for achieve cup C leh!really curious why u all dont have result?my auntie all stay at singapore.they done i know the result,.then i tried at time square all my fren know the result of me.i recommend them to well i can get free treatment from them too.hehe!
i used to think of surgery.but when i saw my sister went for it with come to 3years.her breast get to imflamation many scare of cancel.always check for the sis now really regret it,and now saw my result.she very sad!so that time i decide go for natural way.not to surgery.i tried cal for the surgery,they told me.,that rm20k is not so good material.if want good 1.cost me rm 50k leh..killing me when know the price.somemore dont know got side effect 1..
atleast i just want to tell all of u my story.not help my consultant to promote here honestly! now i;m really happy my consultant teach me alot.!i have confident now .
any1.mind to share?

Anonymous said...

Hi, my bestie went for the treatment and it costs her about 4k plus. Well, initially she was somewhat flat with just a little perk. Anyway, the entire course had her went up half a cup and gave her better cleavage too. With a good fitting bra, her bust line has definitely enhanced. In my opinion, different people respond to the treatment differently. One may go up one cup while many may just go up half a cup or prolly just some firming and tightening effect. Weight the pros and cons nicely before commiting. Consider the possibility of not being that one in a ten with a significant enhancement. Will a slight improvement still have you boosting with confidence? If it is worthwhile for your image and you're willing to spend, go for it. Or else, just revert to other programs available =)

Guess the plus point is that the method is natural without anything synthetic or plastic. At least health wise, you need not think much.

Anonymous said...

I did went there for once for Trial treatment..... The story begin when i won a prize from a magazine. The voucher stated Free Trial and a bottle of firm busting cream. At 1st i did not think of wanna try as i feel shy to let stranger massage my breast.... Their sales consultant-SAM did call me several times. After some sweet talk, i decided to give it a try.

Nice environment and there were quite number of customers in. As previous posts, SAM did explain their products / services, and show me handwritten testimonials with IC attached. Then i remember that they did photocopy my IC!! But according to them my IC was only act as proof of i was the prize winner. I just wonder will they just simply write a testimonial and attched my IC and show to other customers.....

Then she did check my breast condition, and began her sweet talk...normal price is XXXXX now special for you XXXX, but still out of my affordability!!! Then she said ok, if you feel 10 treatments are too much, you can take 5 treatments, you can see the result after 5 treatments oso....bla bla bla.... So miracle??? enlarge with only 5 treatments?

After i turned down her offer, she tried to use many sales tactis to convinced me, discount la, free more treatments etc.... . she even said that: ur bf did not mention to u that he likes big breast gal meh? u sure will come back to me.... u sure will regret in future coz no special promotion for u if u did not sign up now....big breast looks nice when u wear wedding gown.....

I stayed firm with my decision. and at last she just let me off. haha

Anonymous said...

would like to share my experience on Slim Fit Spa.

I have paid a total of RM16k (12k for treatment and 4k for product) and my treatment lasted for almost 11 months now. I was promised an end result of enlargement from A cup to B cup full. After the 5th treatment, I did see some improvement but status quo from the 7th treatment onwards. Since then, I have been expressing my concern about the result. My consultant Sam keep changing different treatment and oil but it produce the same results and seeing my course is ending soon after the 17 treatment, she throw in 5 free treatment for me, which then again, it produce slightly (only slightly) enhancement but no way near the B cup as promised. Even she agrees that the results is not up to what she has promised me.

I make my case and expressed my dissatisfaction as a customer and consumer that they are just not delivering to the promise and for the money that I've paid (hello, it is RM16k in total, not RM1.6k!!). Then at the last treatment of the course, she told me that they just bring in the latest package (very strong oil apparently) and she will let me try. Which I think this treatment has some effect as I can feel that it has slight enlargement (again, I have to stess it is only slight improvement).

When she sees that this treatment bring positive results, she was trying to pursuade me to sign up for another new course!! Wanted me to pay more $$!! No way as I am not even getting the results that they promise with the RM16k that I've paid. I continue "negotiate" with her and she finally said that she will give me another free treatment and then we will "discuss" again.

This evening, I went for the free treatment. Before the treatment start, the beautian told me that Sam will see me after the massage.... and guess what....I was told that Sam is on leave at the end and our supposedly discussion did not happen, obviously. I am upset and I know this is the tactic they are using to start avoiding me. So, I insisted that if Sam is not around, I wanted to see the manager. This is when I was told that Sam is actually the mananger!! I said I wanted to speak to her boss if she is not around. Then, I was told that she will be back from leave on Thursday and will then give me a call.

I am giving them the benefit of doubt and will wait till Thursday. If the asnwer is not satisfactory, I will try all my avenue to lodge complaints. Considering Federation of Consumer Association, media and even considering the legal path.

Does anyone has any experience in lodging such a complaint on spa/beauty center?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I lodged a complaint before on a slimming center. I dont know now they still exist or not, they have branch in usj and amcorp mall.. i really dont remember , it was
back to early 2004.
There are a lot of hassle, and for my case, I gave up after 3 session and compromise with the slimming centre by our own.
Why it hassle:
1. You must have all the receipt
2. You must stated the reason why you area not satisfied with their service ,etc
3. Attend the session by both parties, if one party absent, the session call off.
4. Explain to the judge on what happening, and usually, the case would be settled by one session...when the judge think that the evidence is not enough, then you have to wait for notice to come again, again and again... and every session, you have to explain all over again to the judge . ( the judge always different, so he/she doesnt know what was the case ....
5. You need to have a witness
6. Time .. really time consuming.. say if your session is scheduled at 1000 hrs, probably your case will be able to start only in the afternoon, cause there are cases earlier than yours... so just wait.... one positive think is , you can listen to different interesting complaint...

For my case, I was about to claim about RM 1 K ++ , cause I sign a course and during my first treatment, the consultant say the course they recommended to me earlier is not suit for me and asked me top up for more $$ for the course suits me ... I felt cheated and I refuse to start the treatmnet and ask for refund,.. I told them i could probably go for tribunal for complaint or report to any media... I dont like that they are rude and told me go ahead... so I go ahead to tribunal.

After attending 3 session, I finally gave up because I was so stress up with this issue and I was not happy with the time arrangement from the tribunal. Then, we settled by our own but I went to the different branch for the treatment,. The treatment did not work for me as well...
Actually my weight never over 45 kg in my life... but i wanted to reduce the size of the thigh.. thats why signed up on the stupid course .
and Now , I want to gain weight cause I am just too skinny..

For for your case, I think it is worth to claim back ( 16 K !! and imagine your time to go there and all the frustration you face) ,..

Good luck !!

Anonymous said...

never go to slim fit. sam is a bullshiter. i knew her very well. all the things she wanted is commission. after 6 yrs there, she got what she wanted. she resigned from the job and currently in bella the gardens boulevard. she is doing the same thing. so be smart girls out there. don't get cheated.