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(Bandar Puteri Puchong)

Name: Mayfair
Rating: 4 Stars
Products: Slimming and Facial
Mayfair, exist many years back & celebrating 20 years now. Specialty is suitable for our Malaysian as they are using “Chili Therapy”. According to “Mickey Mouse”(i didn’t know that our Malaysia mouse is getting trimming down too ) from “Effectiveness is rather slow but enjoyable as compared to Terimee. They will recommend some “supplement pills” which Mickey Mouse is reluctant to take. Mayfair also use a “Sucking Machine” to result.
Mayfair also started a TV reality show, “Dare2Lose” in 2007. Great publicity indeed to cover the Chinese Market.


Anonymous said...

Hi gal,

Thought of going to slimming centre because im not satisfied with my body shape.

Recently i visited Mayfair (the chili wrap) and not sure to sign up with them or not? If you have tried their service, please share your experience. If you have better recommendation, please give more details...


Anonymous said...

Dear Celine,

i tried b4. sorry to tell u that, is not effective. the good thing bout mayfair, u enjoyed the whole process. coz the process is more relax than terimee. n the bad part is they will recommend u to take some 'supplement' pill of which i'm very relunctant to do that.

i went to Terimee. Terimee chili is MORE like "UMMMMP"!!!! but i had lost 9kg already. everything is outside the body. machines & control ur diet. i'm having a very bad cellulite problem.

but i heard there's some other slimming centre imported very high tech machine. better than terimee. Terimee is abit out-dated. but as per what they claim, they r importing in those machine too. but haven't seen any of them yet until now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey,

Wah, great to hear that you have lost so much..9kg is a excellent figures !!! I believe you'd feel more confidence now..

So it is Terimee's effort or Mayfairs? How long it takes to reduce 9kg? How much u hv spent totally?


Anonymous said...

dear Celine,

i have to thank Terimee and MYSELF. hehe. muka tebal.

coz i really control my diet very strictly. I missed alot of food. juz can't wait for my PS n AD. after that... there's goes my calories calculation, n diet control!

i tried mayfair b4 terimmee. coz i really told them i don't want to take suppliment pill. whatever sort of reason they gave me, is vitamin or what, i juz have to say NO. as i'm having a sensitive stomach. but after 10 section, i can't see any difference too. they claimed that i didn't take the supplement.

Anonymous said...

Hi celinescc,
I have tried with mayfair b4 and left one more session to go -MDS. I signed up two package - chili wrapping and MDS. At first i signed up only chilli wrapping programme. In the midst of programme, they recommend me to take the MDS programme as well. They claimed lots of customer satisfied with this MDS programme as it's result oriented. Sadly said, i am not really getting an effective result. Everything is actually depend on my diet and my daily workout. MDS is kinda painful whereby they use a machine which functioning like sucking ur skin. They said my size still can reduce and convince me to sign for the same package with 20 sessions, however i didn't continue as i don't think they provide a good service.

Anonymous said...

yes Mickey,

pls share with me how's ur slimming process...
i hv flabby arm, tummy & my shoulder or back is flabby...
when i tried my gown at Bridal shop...
i oredi beh tahan my figure...

anyone can recommend cheap yet satisfied slimming result?
coz wedding oredi spend a lot...

Anonymous said...

Dear Nanako,

yeah lo. they oso recommended me that treatment. Sucking like "HELL". tried once, i said bye bye to them.

coz i refer to a friend who had done some slimming b4. she told me, that machine can only use when ur skin is soft enough to suck the fat out.

if u haven't done enough of fat softening, no point doing that.

so until now, i haven't reached to the Terimmee 'sucking' fat part. coz my stubborn fat really very stubborn. Terimee do agreed wif my friend statement too. the result of that machine will down size ur figure. provided ur fat is soft enough. the result will b Splendid.

Anonymous said...

I also sign up a sliming center, but not MayFair & Terimee. Mine is London (last time called Sesualite). I feel effective for me cox i lost 2 kg in a month. I sign up last 3 yrs. I used oni about 5 times treatment there already more than 6kg tat i lost (b4 i'm 59kg, mine target is 50kg). After the 5 times treatment i din go, cox already up to my target. Now i go again to continue my treatement cox after 3yrs, i din keep my diet cox i ate alot & travel alot, so back to normal. Now i must keep to 50kg b4 my wedding.
If i finish my treatment, i will sign up again for another 10 treatment cox the day i went there, i get my lucky draw with 40% discount for any treatment. I will keep the treatment for after i gave birth. I know, after i gave birth i will put on weight alot. Bcox after 2 yrs wont have tis price, sure will increase $$.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey,

Thanks for your sharing expenrice with Mayfair and Terimee...I'd say luckily i didnt commit anything to Mayfair, otherwise i would regret one day like u...

Im thinking of visiting Terimee which nearer to my home today and get more info from them...i also heard from other members that Terimee service is no good and not professional, anyhow i will see myself.

Nevertheless, it seems like we have to spend a big sum to get away from FAT...better say bye bye to my loving fastfood


Anonymous said...

Dear Shierlo,

mind sharing what's the treatment u take? i heard London quite good. wanted to try after deliver my 1st baby in future.

i don't feel like going back to terimme. the process really turtoring.

Dear Celline,

u r right. the working attitude there, u have to close one eye n open one eye. i can't really compare then with LD. is unprofessional. but for myself, since already committed, n they can delivery the result, then i juz ignore their abit low quality serving customer.

Anonymous said...

Not too sure if this is the same with the Mayfair in Singapore. Also use Chilli wrap. I've not used it personally, but had a good fren who signed up with them and did slim down visibly and lost around 4 kgs. after a couple of sessions, she developed an allergy to it... rashes started to appear after each session, but goes off after a couple of days, and Mayfair claimed it's not due to their product. As she was determined to finish the sessions for the results, she ignored her rashes, but as she progresses on, the rashes got worse. During the last few sessions,Mayfair decided to switch her to another slimming program using ultrasound/vibration method, i think. She couldn't take the 'shocks', so she did not return for the last 2 sessions with Mayfair. Just wrote it off from her books.

She might be a rare case who develops an allergy to the chilli wrap. A couple of months after she stopped the program and returned to her normal eating habits she gained back the kilos that she lost (before Mayfair). Well, I believe we still need to maintain even after the treatment, but wat puzzles me is that she's really not a big eater.

Anonymous said...

Hi celine,

I took course with mayfair before... very sorry to comment the chilli wrap really not effective. During the course they will recommend to add more services to get "supreme" result... will ask u invest more & more $$.

Now i take course in London weight management... just took will share here if get good result

heard from hb 1 of his customer (gal) lost 10kg in 2 mths. She taking total life. It's effective but quite expensive too... Heard of calculate depend on how many kg u want lose.